STARGRID workshop starts the industry consultation process

By Ioulia Papaioannou

24 May, 2013

The joint workshop of STARGRID and the ETP SmartGrids on 16 May, 2013, in Brussels (BE) was attended by 25 participants from standardization bodies, smart grid platforms, associations from industry and research, DSO and TSOs, manufactures and telecommunications to discuss the progress of the standardization landscape of Smart Grids.

The workshop comprised three sessions: Smart Metering, Voltage Control and DG integration, and Demand Response. Each session included presentations from the stakeholders followed by round table discussions on the standardization requirements, gaps in existing standards and on the expected future developments.

The agenda:

Welcome (David Nestle, Fraunhofer IWES)
Introduction (Ioulia Papaioannou, DERlab)
Presentation of the ETP Smart Grids (Jean-Luc Bessède, Schneider Electric)

Session 1: DER integration and Grid control (Chair: Giorgio Franchioni, RSE)

Session 2: Smart metering (Chair: Emilio Rodriguez, TECNALIA)

Session 3: Demand Response (Chair: Christoph Nölle, Fraunhofer IWES)

Conclusions (David Nestle, Fraunhofer IWES)


The workshop is the starting point of the iterative process among STARGRID and the industry. As a next step, STARGRID will invite the industry to an open consultation process, which will be concluded in a consolidated stakeholder statement. The statement will be brought to the European and international standardization bodies and regulators as well as to the European Commission.

Joint workshop organised by STARGRID and ETP SmartGrids:

22 April, 2013 by Ioulia Papaioannou

”Industry statement for a conformed standardization framework enabling the large scale smart grid deployment”
STARGRID IS ORGANIZING this joint workshop with ETP SmartGrids by invitation on the 16th of May 2013in Brussels , to bring together promoters and stakeholders of various European smart grid industry initiatives in an ad-hoc round table aimed at:

  • Spreading awareness of the industry initiatives
  • Anticipating the impact of current standardization activities on the smart grid developers
  • Supporting industry in the coordination of efforts towards a cooperation framework
  • Raising awareness on standardization gaps preventing a large scale smart grid deployment
  • Identifying the key standardization requirements which have to be harmonized at International level


The workshop will comprise three sessions: “Smart Metering”, “Voltage Control and DG integration” and “Demand Response”.
Each Session includes a 30 min discussion on:

  • Standardisation requirements
  • Gaps and overlaps in existing and coming standards
  • Expected future developments

THE RESULTS OF the joint workshop will be published online on both STARGRID project and ETP SmartGrids websites ( as a consolidated stakeholder statement for an open consultation process. The outcome of the consultation process will then be forwarded to the European and international standardization bodies and regulators as well as to the European Commission.

If you would like to participate in the workshop, please contact Christoph Nölle
(christoph.noelle[a] or Ioulia Papaoiannou (ioulia.papaioannou[a]

STARGRID addresses focal points in Smart Grid standardisation

30 November, 2012 by Christoph Noelle

STARGRID, a two years project launched in October 2012, will analyse the impact of current standardisation framework on the effective Smart Grid deployment.

The opinion of utilities, electricity suppliers, manufacturers, aggregators and plant operators and the ICT sector is investigated via interviews, questionnaires and workshops. Project results are published in a series of project results giving also recommendations for decision-makers, standardisation bodies and industries themselves.

Funded by the European Commission (EC) within the seventh framework programme (FP7), the project consortium has a European focus, but takes also global Smart Grid developments into account.

See project fact sheet for further information

Project plan






STARGRID kick-off meeting at the premises of Fraunhofer IWES in Kassel, Germany, 18 October 2012

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