Online: STARGRID Final Recommendations on Integrating Smart Grids in Distribution Networks

Screenshot Cover STARGRID ReportHaving obtained a comprehensive picture of Smart Grid standardization procedures, STARGRID identified existing obstacles to smart grid deployment and formulated recommendations for industry, standardization organizations and policy makers. The final STARGRID report provides a set of six recommendations with respect to Smart Grid standardization and regulation:

1. Provision of harmonized core regulations at national / local level
2. Preparation of new standards and regulations for system integration
3. Prioritization of interoperability tests specifications in Smart Grids standards
4. Augmentation of information and communication security and privacy
5. Augmentation of the stakeholders’ participation in the standardization processes
6. Harmonization of the regulation and standardization framework for DER interconnection rules

These recommendations are addressed to standardization bodies, policy makers, regulatory authorities and Smart Grid stakeholders, such as manufacturers and grid operators, generation operators, prosumers, energy services providers, and others.
Furthermore, the report pinpoints the most relevant obstacles to a large scale deployment of Smart Grid technologies related to standardization and regulation and indicates possible solutions.

You can find the complete STARGRID Final Recommendations on Integrating Smart Grids in Distribution Networks for free download here.



STARGRID Standardisation Recommendations in the DERlab Activity Report 2014/2015


In its major publication, DERlab, the association of leading research institutes and companies in the field of distributed energy resources equipment and systems, presents the final outcome of the STARGRID project – six recommendations regarding the standardisation process addressed to policy makers, regulation authorities (EU and national), industry and standardisation bodies.

You can find the entire DERlab Activity Report online here.



STARGRID Final Event: Presentations Online

STARGRID final event The objective of STARGRID is to support the EC standardisation policy regarding the Smart Grid evolution by providing improvement suggestions and recommendations concerning the various standardisation initiatives that are currently in progress. STARGRID carried out an extensive analysis of these initiatives (real standards, regulation codes, position papers, industry documents, etc.) focusing on the standardisation process in the field of Smart Grids. The workshop “Standards Hub for Smart Grid Industries: Recommendations for the Standardisation Framework”, the final event of the STARGID project, took place in Brussels on the 23rd January, 2015. The participants discussed the outcomes of the project and perspectives of standardisation for smart grids.


Here you can find the presentations held at the event:

STARGRID Recommendations: System Interfaces (Christoph Nölle, Fraunhofer IWES)

STARGRID Recommendations: Security and Privacy (Emilio Rodríguez, TECNALIA)

STARGRID Recommendations: Participation in the standardisation process (Mihai Calin, DERlab)

STARGRID Recommendations: Distributed Energy Resources Integration Recommendations (Giorgio Franchioni, RSE)

STARGRID Recommendations: Interoperability Recommendations (Giorgio Franchioni, RSE)

New STARGRID Reports are now online

STARGRID released the Stakeholders’ Requirements Analysis Report and the Standardisation Document Analysis.

You can find these and other papers in the STARGRID Publications table.

STARGRID Workshops Presentations at Hannover Fair

Two STARGRID workshops organised at the Hannover Fair on 10th April, 2014, have successfully taken place. The aim of the workshops was to present the most important recent progress and current activities related to the European Smart Grid standardisation framework.
You can find the workshops presentations and read more here.

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Further information and more language versions in STARGRID NEWS.