Smart Grid standards and stakeholders’ requirements for the standardization framework

By Ioulia Papaioannou
17 January, 2014
STARGRID invites all Smart Grid experts to answer a questionnaire

As part of the Smart Grid stakeholder consultation process, STARGRID has released a questionnaire on the use of current Smart Grid standards, the awareness of ongoing standardization projects and the sector specific standardization requirements.

Smart Grid stakeholders working with Smart Grids and related technologies, such as manufacturers, DSOs and TSOs, electricity suppliers, aggregators and plant operators, and the ICT and telecommunications sector are invited to indicate which aspects in various Smart Grid standards are relevant in their daily work.

Based on all the answers, the STARGRID team will publish an overview on the actual usage of standards in different European countries and a prioritized list of requirements per industry sector on the STARGRID website in the beginning of 2014.


The questionnaire consists of the following sections  with the option to chose the one(s) of relevance to your organization:

– Background of the respondent* (5 min)

– Use of core Smart Grid standards: indicate the relevance of a set of IEC Smart Grid standards for your organization. (5-10 min)

– DER Integration & Grid Control: indicate your priority topics for standardization and awareness of current initiatives (10-15 min)

– Demand Response & Customer Energy Management: indicate your priority topics for standardization  and awareness of current initiatives (10-15 min)

– Smart Metering: indicate your priority topics for standardization and awareness of current initiatives (10-15 min)


You may complete only those sections that are relevant to your company. You do not have to answer all questions.

We look forward to replies from European technology companies and organizations of different sizes. However, international and multinational stakeholders are also warmly welcome to participate.

Please send the filled up Questionnaire by 6 January, 2014 per e-mail to
Christoph Nölle (christoph.noelle@iwes.fraunhofer.de) or
Ioulia Papaioannou (ioulia.papaioannou@der-lab.net)

Or answer the questionnaire online.

For any clarification or questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you in advance for your participation.



QUESTIONNAIRE (online form, EN)










*The company’s specific information provided by you in this questionnaire will be treated as confidential and will be used only for the purposes of the STARGRID project. All personal details of participating individuals and/or companies remain confidential. Only processed results will be distributed among project partners and the public. Only processed data (i.e., not individual replies) will be used for publication.