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Work flow

The project work programme consists of the following six Work Packages (WPs).

WP1: Management (Months 1-24)

Project coordination.

WP2: State-of-the-art: existing standards and Smart Grid industry initiatives (Months 1-17)

As a first step, STARGRID will collect the relevant documents and information from standardization bodies and industry initiatives.

WP3: Analysis of existing standards and drafts (Months 4-17)

Gathered material will be analyzed according to a defined methodology and evaluation criteria. The objective is to identify the standards’ requirements that enable or limit certain use cases and business models or are decisive for the interaction of different components of Smart Grid. Gaps and contradictions within currently available standards will be pointed out as well.

WP4: Analysis of industry opinion regarding existing standards and drafts (Months 8-17)

STARGRID will gather and analyse industry opinion regarding existing and coming Smart Grid regulations and standards. The opinion survey will comprise interviews and online questionnaires as well as corresponding workshops.

WP5: Conclusion and recommendations (Months 18-24)

One key result of the project will be a qualitative analysis and recommendations addressed to the standardization process actors as well as the stakeholders. Priority topics for the future standardization activities will be presented.

WP6: Dissemination (Months 1-24)

STARGRID will serve as an interface between Smart Grid standardization committees, industry initiatives and the wider public. Information exchange between stakeholders will be ensured through interviews, workshops and public presentations of the project results.