Online: STARGRID Final Recommendations on Integrating Smart Grids in Distribution Networks

Screenshot Cover STARGRID ReportHaving obtained a comprehensive picture of Smart Grid standardization procedures, STARGRID identified existing obstacles to smart grid deployment and formulated recommendations for industry, standardization organizations and policy makers. The final STARGRID report provides a set of six recommendations with respect to Smart Grid standardization and regulation:

1. Provision of harmonized core regulations at national / local level
2. Preparation of new standards and regulations for system integration
3. Prioritization of interoperability tests specifications in Smart Grids standards
4. Augmentation of information and communication security and privacy
5. Augmentation of the stakeholders’ participation in the standardization processes
6. Harmonization of the regulation and standardization framework for DER interconnection rules

These recommendations are addressed to standardization bodies, policy makers, regulatory authorities and Smart Grid stakeholders, such as manufacturers and grid operators, generation operators, prosumers, energy services providers, and others.
Furthermore, the report pinpoints the most relevant obstacles to a large scale deployment of Smart Grid technologies related to standardization and regulation and indicates possible solutions.

You can find the complete STARGRID Final Recommendations on Integrating Smart Grids in Distribution Networks for free download here.

STARGRID Standardisation Recommendations in the DERlab Activity Report 2014/2015


In its major publication, DERlab, the association of leading research institutes and companies in the field of distributed energy resources equipment and systems, presents the final outcome of the STARGRID project – six recommendations regarding the standardisation process addressed to policy makers, regulation authorities (EU and national), industry and standardisation bodies.

You can find the entire DERlab Activity Report online here.

STARGRID Final Event

STARGRID final event The objective of STARGRID is to support the EC standardisation policy regarding the Smart Grid evolution by providing improvement suggestions and recommendations concerning the various standardisation initiatives that are currently in progress. STARGRID carried out an extensive analysis of these initiatives (real standards, regulation codes, position papers, industry documents, etc.) focusing on the standardisation process in the field of Smart Grids. The workshop “Standards Hub for Smart Grid Industries: Recommendations for the Standardisation Framework”, the final event of the STARGID project, took place in Brussels on the 23rd January, 2015. The participants discussed the outcomes of the project and perspectives of standardisation for smart grids.


Here you can find the presentations held at the event:

STARGRID Recommendations: System Interfaces (Christoph Nölle, Fraunhofer IWES)

STARGRID Recommendations: Security and Privacy (Emilio Rodríguez, TECNALIA)

STARGRID Recommendations: Participation in the standardisation process (Mihai Calin, DERlab)

STARGRID Recommendations: Distributed Energy Resources Integration Recommendations (Giorgio Franchioni, RSE)

STARGRID Recommendations: Interoperability Recommendations (Giorgio Franchioni, RSE)

EEPOS Survey on Demand Response Systems

EEPOS project has launched a survey on demand response systems and invites everyone with background in distributed energy systems to share their vision.

I would like to complete the Survey (15 minutes)

Developing an electricity load management (demand response) system on the electricity distribution grid level, the project aims to foster the transformation of current electricity systems towards Smart Grids. EEPOS will employ your input in the development of a demand response system in two field tests in Finland and in Germany.

Do you know anyone with background in distributed energy systems? We warmly encourage you to forward them this survey.

STARGRID held its fifth national workshop in Madrid

Last updated 28 July, 2014.

12 June, 2014. TECNALIA and FUTURED (Spanish Technological Platform of Electrical Grids) with the support of the Spanish standardization body AENOR organized the fifth national STARGRID workshop Smart Grids Standardization: Current Landscape and Future Challenges in Madrid, Spain. Nearly 40 experts gathered to discuss the status of the standardization work in the field of Smart Grids and the associated issues. The workshop presented recent progress and current activities in Smart Grids standardization and analyzed their impact on the main stakeholders of the electrical sector.

Among the various issues discussed were:

• Interoperability among different smart metering systems at the data model level (DLMS)
• Delay of normative development and its effects on the Smart Grids roll-out
• Smart Grids security: data privacy, equipment access, communication access
• Relation and differences between regulation and standardization

Numerous participants of the workshop represented most of the field: DSOs (Gas Natural Fenosa, IBERDROLA, ENDESA, EON), TSO (REE), manufacturers and suppliers of electrical equipment and ICT systems (ZIV, ORMAZABAL, ARTECHE, INGETEAM, GE Digital Energy, INDRA, ATOS Worldgrid), standardization organizations (AENOR), universities (Carlos III University, University of Seville, University of Leuven, University of Comillas), associations (UNESA, SERCOBE, UNEF), research, testing and certification organizations (TECNALIA, ITE, CENER, SGS TECNOS, DNV-KEMA, Spanish Hydrogen Centre).

You can find the workshop’s presentations (in Spanish) linked in the agenda:

• Welcome and Introduction

Presentation “Standardization landscape for Smart Grids” (Carmen Martín, AENOR) with a focus on the activities of the Smart Grid Coordination Group (SGCG) and with observations from the international perspective (IEC)

Presentation “STARGRID project” (Emilio Rodríguez, TECNALIA-STARGRID) evaluating the European and the international status of Smart Grids standards

Presentation “Smart Grid Standardization” (Enrique García, IBERDROLA-EDSO4SG) explaining the work of the SGCG from an internal viewpoint

Presentation “Electrical networks standardization: challenges” (Txetxu Arzuaga, ZIV) presenting ZIV’s approach to implementing this type of standards and challenges of this process from the manufacturers’ perspective

• Coffee break

• Round-table discussion “Impact and challenges of Smart Grid standardization in the Spanish electrical sector”

• Final round of questions and conclusions

STARGRID Workshops Presentations at Hannover Fair

Last updated 30 July, 2014.

10 April, 2014. STARGRID organized two workshops at Hannover Fair, which presented recent progress and current activities related to the European Smart Grid standardization framework.

The first workshop Standardizing the Smart Grid Vision. Is the Smart Grid Standardization Framework ready for the Smart Grid Roll Out? was organized jointly with the CEN-ENELEC-ETSI Smart Grid Coordination Group (SGCG). It presented the recent progress and current activities in the European Smart Grid standardization framework. The workshop presented the results of the SGCG’s recent gap prioritization survey and STARGRID’s stakeholder survey on standardization awareness and perceived gaps. The discussion was centered around the topics of the standards regulation, awareness raising, the influence of standards and regulatory provisions on the Smart Grid roll-out and policy recommendations.

Addressing researchers and representatives of industrial initiatives and standardizations bodies, the second workshop Lessons learned from Smart Grid demonstration projects reviewed standards related to applied technologies and ICT systems implemented in these projects.

You can find the workshops’ agendas here.

Workshops’ presentations

Workshop Standardizing the Smart Grid Vision. Is the Smart Grid Standardization Framework ready for the Smart Grid Roll Out?

Classification schemes and navigators for the Smart Grid standardisation landscape (David Nestle, Fraunhofer IWES)

The European Smart Grid standardisation framework: current Status I

The European Smart Grid standardisation framework: current status II

Industry initiatives on SG standardisation issues

Standardisation awareness and perceived gaps


Workshop Lessons learned from Smart Grid demonstration projects


Smart Grid standards and stakeholders’ requirements for the standardization framework

By Ioulia Papaioannou
17 January, 2014
STARGRID invites all Smart Grid experts to answer a questionnaire

As part of the Smart Grid stakeholder consultation process, STARGRID has released a questionnaire on the use of current Smart Grid standards, the awareness of ongoing standardization projects and the sector specific standardization requirements.

Smart Grid stakeholders working with Smart Grids and related technologies, such as manufacturers, DSOs and TSOs, electricity suppliers, aggregators and plant operators, and the ICT and telecommunications sector are invited to indicate which aspects in various Smart Grid standards are relevant in their daily work.

Based on all the answers, the STARGRID team will publish an overview on the actual usage of standards in different European countries and a prioritized list of requirements per industry sector on the STARGRID website in the beginning of 2014.


The questionnaire consists of the following sections  with the option to chose the one(s) of relevance to your organization:

– Background of the respondent* (5 min)

– Use of core Smart Grid standards: indicate the relevance of a set of IEC Smart Grid standards for your organization. (5-10 min)

– DER Integration & Grid Control: indicate your priority topics for standardization and awareness of current initiatives (10-15 min)

– Demand Response & Customer Energy Management: indicate your priority topics for standardization  and awareness of current initiatives (10-15 min)

– Smart Metering: indicate your priority topics for standardization and awareness of current initiatives (10-15 min)


You may complete only those sections that are relevant to your company. You do not have to answer all questions.

We look forward to replies from European technology companies and organizations of different sizes. However, international and multinational stakeholders are also warmly welcome to participate.

Please send the filled up Questionnaire by 6 January, 2014 per e-mail to
Christoph Nölle ( or
Ioulia Papaioannou (

Or answer the questionnaire online.

For any clarification or questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you in advance for your participation.



QUESTIONNAIRE (online form, EN)










*The company’s specific information provided by you in this questionnaire will be treated as confidential and will be used only for the purposes of the STARGRID project. All personal details of participating individuals and/or companies remain confidential. Only processed results will be distributed among project partners and the public. Only processed data (i.e., not individual replies) will be used for publication.

STARGRID Workshop on the 11th of September in Bucharest, Romania

By Ioulia Papaioannou
10 September, 2013

On 11 September, 2013, the first workshop in a series of four national workshops was launched in Bucharest, Romania, by ASRO.

The Romanian Workshop under the title “Smart Grid: Global Standards for Global Market” was hosted within the framework of the Congress of Energy and Electric Equipment (CEEER 2013), one of the most important Romanian events in the energy and electrical equipment field, dedicated to energy specialists and those involved in the newest technologies, permanent developments and new trends in the industry.
For details please visit

The workshop aims to evaluate the industry initiatives and standardization landscape focussing on the stability of power systems: the interconnection regulations, monitoring and grid control in relation to DER integration, as well as on the required capabilities for the Smart Grid including security and ICT applications. Representatives of selected industry sectors and Smart Grid stakeholders were invited to take part in this approximately five-hour workshop and the networking session.

For more information, please contact:
Adina Hategan – ASRO PR Officer
Email: adina.hategan@asro
Tel: 0040 21 316 99 74


13.00-13.45 – Registration
13.45-13.50 – Welcome – Eng. Gheorghe Tucu –ASRO President

13.50-15.35 – First Session – STARGRID PROJECT
Moderator: Eng. Gheorghe Tucu – ASRO President


15.35-15.45 – Coffee Break

15.45-16.30 – Session 2 – Applications for energy market & ICT and Security for SMART GRID
Moderator: Dr. Eng. Călin Radu Vilt, CNR – CME


16.30-17.15 – Session 3 – DER Integration
Moderator: Dr. Eng. Georgio Franchioni, Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico – RSE S.p.A., Italy


17.15-17.45 – Final Conclusions
17.45-18.30 – Networking Cocktail

Sessions were held in Romanian and in English.
Simultaneous translation was provided.

STARGRID Workshop in Milan

6 November, 2013 by Ioulia Papaioannou

30 October, 2013. In Milan, Italy, RSE organised a national workshop on Smart Grids and related technical regulations under the patronage of the Italian standardization body in the electrotechnical field CEI, Comitato Elettrotecnico Italiano.

Within STARGRID initiatives related to the Work Package 4 “Analysis of Industry opinion”, a national Workshop on the topic “Smart Grid and Technical Standards” was held in Milan, Italy.
The transformation of the energy system into the Smart Grid paradigm is posing crucial problems to the concerned industry and urging technical regulations, which request both development of new standards and adaptations and revision of the already existing ones. The objective of the Workshop was to foster the discussion around this process and to gather the point of view of the industry representatives on the impact, requirements and gaps of the standards evolution.

Nearly 60 people registered to the event, covering the whole Smart Grid value chain: grid operators and utilities; manufacturers and operators of renewable, distributed energy resources and power electronics; automation system and components developers and producers; telecommunication engineers and operators; consumers associations; research developers and, of course, regulatory and standardization bodies representatives.

Here you can find the workshop agenda and the presentations:

Session A : Issues of the Workshop

Session B: Points on specific issues

Session C: Free discussion on the topics of the Workshop chaired by:
Paolo Mora (RSE) – CEI-CT 57Secretary
Carlo Tornelli (RSE) – Member of the Smart Grid Coordination Group ( WP: Methodology)
Session D: Horizon 2020

Session E: Scheduled interviews with industry participants

On the occasion of the Workshop, the STARGRID Questionnaire was distributed to the participants for an out-of-line analysis of the industry viewpoint.


First STARGRID reports map the Smart Grid standards and industry initiatives

9 July, 2013 by Ioulia Papaioannou

Smart Grid Standardization Documentation Map is an inventory of existing standardisation documents produced by groups focusing on the standards promotion (coordinating, generating roadmaps or detecting gaps).

Smart Grid Industry Initiatives Documentation Map gives a comprehensive view of the standardization activities and industry initiatives currently in progress for smart grids.

This information will be analysed in the next phases of the project, with the focus on the smart grid “core standards”.
Latest versions of STARGRID publications can always be found on Publications.

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