STARGRID publications contain analyses of ongoing standardisation activities and processes as well as stakeholders’ views. Final recommendations address future strategy on Smart Grid standardisation for efficient deployment of Smart Grids. All public project reports are available on this website.


Title Description Release
Smart Grid Standardisation Documentation Map (Version 3) Inventory of the collected standardisation documents concerning Smart Grids. Summer 2013 (Updated: November 2013)
Smart Grid Industry Initiatives Documentation Map Inventory of the collected industry initiatives currently in progress for Smart Grids. Summer 2013
Stakeholders’ Requirements Analysis Report Analysis of standards and standardization initiatives through evaluation criteria based on the stakeholders’ requirements. Autumn 2013
Standardisation Document Analysis Report comprising the results, methodology and findings of the reviewing process. Early 2014
Industry Summary Report Report on opinions and findings based on interviews and workshops with industry representatives. Autumn 2014
Preliminary project report Report on the first results of the evaluation process including conclusions and recommendations for the EC. Autumn 2014
Recommendations on integrating Smart Grids in distribution networks Final recommendation document concerning standardisation of Smart Grids. Late 2014
Final Report Recommendations on Integrating Smart Grids in Distribution Networks Public report on the final recommendations concerning standardisation of Smart Grids Early 2016