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Project Partners

Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology (IWES) addresses applications-oriented research in the field of electrical engineering and systems technology for the use of renewable energies. The spectrum ranges from theoretical investigations over experimental studies and field tests through to the development of devices and systems. IWES activities concentrate on wind energy, photovoltaic, bio energy, hydro power and marine energies, energy conversion and storage, static converters, hybrid systems and energy economy. IWES actively participates in standardization committees on both national (DKE) and international level (IEC, CENELEC).

Further information on www.iwes.fraunhofer.de.

ROMANIAN STANDARDS ASSOCIATION (ASRO) is a private body of public interest, which represents the organizational frame for the national standardization activity. At European level, ASRO is a member of CEN, CENELEC and ETSI, and, at international level, ASRO is a member of ISO and IEC. Its main responsibilities are:

  • To establish the principles and methodologies of the national standardization
  • To develop and approve the national standards and to participate in the activities of the European and international standardization
  • To represent ISO and IEC in Romania and defend copyrights on the international adopted standards
  • To promote acknowledgement of copyright on the European adopted standards

Further information on www.asro.ro.

European Distributed Energy Resources Laboratories (DERlab) is the association of leading laboratories and research institutes in the field of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and Smart Grid. Founded in 2008, DERlab currently has over 30 member institutes from Europe and the US. The association develops joint requirements and quality criteria for the Smart Grid connection and operation of DER and strongly supports the consistent development of DER technologies and the related pre-standardization activities. DERlab offers testing and consulting services for distributed generation to support the transition towards more decentralized power systems. The association is also involved in standardization activities via its technical liaison with CENELEC TC 8X.
Further information on www.der-lab.net.

Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico SpA – RSE SpA (RSE) in Milan, Italy is a non-profit Research Organisation taking over research activities of national and international interest in the energy sector. RSE is currently fully owned by GSE “Gestore Servizi Elettrici” S.p.A. RSE is strongly committed in Smart grids related studies, coordinating and participating in a huge number of EU funded projects (e.g., Grid+, DERri, GRID4EU, etc.) and chairing international coordination bodies (e.g., ISGAN, EERA). RSE is also deeply engaged in Standardization and Regulation related activities at international (IEC, CEN, CENELEC) and national level (CEI, UNI) with a chairing role in Technical Committees.
Further information on www.rse-web.it.

TECNALIA Research & Innovation is the first private Research, Development and Innovation (R&D&I) organization in Spain and one of the leading ones in Europe, with a staff of 1500 experts (including 192 Doctors), 22 headquarters and a turnover of €120 million.The Smart Grids Area, included in the Energy and Environment Division, is a member of many international and national standardization committees. Its R&D activity is focused on microgrids, demand side management, energy management and optimization, integration of Distributed Energy Resources in the network, communication for Smart Grids, smart metering, electric mobility, and business models analysis and development.

Further information on www.tecnalia.com.