Smart Grid Initiatives

Many initiatives promote the use of particular standards focus on Smart Grid related topics. Below is a non-extensive list of some important actors. Important updates are also listed so you can stay up to date with the latest activities (latest update January 2014)! Detailed information on the initiatives can be found in STARGRID publications.

If you find that a particular organization is missing, please contact us.



Projects  What is new? Status updates
ENTSO-E – European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity The ENTSO-E Assessment of the TYNDP 2030 Visions Consultation is Available

ENTSO-E received around 60 comments and several public communications during the consultation. The most commented topics were the demand growth and the CO2 prices assumed in the different Scenarios, along with the projections concerning renewable energy sources (RES) and installed nuclear capacities.

An ENTSO-E assessment of all the feedback provided during the 2030 Visions consultation is now available for download here.

ENTSO-E approves the Common Grid Model Exchange Standard (CGMES), and Call for Vendors: CGMES Conformity Assessment Process Test Models

ENTSO-E published CGMES version 2.4, based on the Common Information Model (IEC 61970, IEC 61968): link, and seeks expressions of interest for CGMES conformity assessment process test models.

The test models specifications are available through the link below. Expressions of interest must be submitted by 21 January 2014. Expressions of interest and/or comments on the draft test models specifications should be sent to: cgmes.conformity(at)

Register for an Informational Webinar on the CGMES

Questions relating to the test model specifications will be taken during a CGMES webinar on 13 January 2014. For more information please visit here


ASHRAE A Proposed Revision of Standard 100-2006, Energy Efficiency in

Existing Buildings is available now online in the following link.


DLMS – DLMS User Association The new brochure “We can speak the same language” is now available here.
ECHONET New English editions of ECHONET Lite Specification and Device Certification Test Specifications have been updated.The documents can be downloaded at either the general pages or the Member pages of the ECHONET Web pages. The Member ID and password are required to download the files at the Member pages.

The ECHONET Lite Specification Version 1.10

ECHONET Device Certification Test Specifications For ECHONET Lite Specification Ver. 1.1* (Member page).


EISA EIS Alliance turns attention to Residential Energy Management read more here.


E@H – Energy@Home Association  Energy@home Association announces the JEMMA open-source projectJEMMA will help developers to reduce time-to-market in providing Home Energy Management Applications based upon the Energy@home technical specifications.

More information can be found here.


FI-WARE The December issue of the Future Internet News can be downloaded here. 

In this issue information on the ICT 2013 event in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius and its great success as one of the major European events in the area of information and communication technologies this year is given.


G3-PLC G3-PLC was designed to meet present and future advanced networking and applications layer needs. As the world’s only CENELEC/FCC PLC solution supporting true IPv6 addressing, G3-PLC can potentially save millions in unneeded network upgrade costs.
Standards status:

  • IEEE P1901.2 — guaranteed interoperability with G3-PLC — approved.
  • ITU G.hnem annex G.9955 — full G3 in annex (CENELEC through FCC) in addition to Auto annex with mandatory interop with main body, and G3 FCC.
  • IEC/CENELEC T13 — delivered first draft for consideration (also recommended by OpenMeter).
  • ISO/SAE — leading technology for EV to charger communication.
Grid4EU The project has launched a survey for the Smart Grid stakeholders, please visit here to participate in the survey.



The Energy Interoperation TC works to define interaction between Smart Grids and their end nodes, including Smart Buildings, Enterprises, Industry, Homes, and Vehicles. The TC develops data and communication models that enable the interoperable and standard exchange of signals for dynamic pricing, reliability, and emergencies. The TC’s agenda also extends to the communication of market participation data (such as bids), load predictability, and generation information.

The Energy Interoperation Standard ( serves as a basis for the OpenADR 2.0 specification


OpenADR Alliance OpenADR 2.0 SpecificationsBased on the OASIS Energy Interoperation Standard, the OpenADR Alliance created several product profile specification. The OpenADR 2.0a, b, or c (future) Profile Specifications provide specific implementation related information in order to build an OpenADR enabled device or system. Developers shall use the Profile Specification in conjunction with the schema, sample payloads, PICS and test plans.

Companies are encouraged to download the specifications for evaluation purposes here.


VHP-ready VHP-ready – the technical standard for decentralized energy supply systemsVHP Ready (Virtual Power Heat and Ready) is called the new standard by Vattenfall for the control of distributed energy systems. The technical standard for heat pumps and combined heat and allows easy and cost-effective integration into the Virtual Power Plant.

Find the documents in the site in pdf in German and English.


ZigBee Specifications can be downloaded here. Particularly relevant for the Smart Grid are the Smart Energy Profile 2.0, and the Smart Home profile